138 (and counting) videos shot, edited and uploaded since August 2010  on housing cooperatives and worker cooperatives (mostly English, but a number in Spanish or with subtitles.)  Interviews, keynote addresses, workshops and coop events.  Uploaded to my YouTube channel JJNoire  
Also available: “This Way Out: A Guide To Starting A Worker Cooperative.” Beyond theory or simply a seminar about worker cooperatives as a good idea, this four hour (2-DVD) set includes vital business start-up information, a bookkeeping crash course, a Communications & Process crash course, and chapters covering how coops have funded their businesses, selected their legal entity, organize meetings, and includes practical business preparation, discussion topics, unions and coops, overlooked free community resources, and business advice - all delivered by active members of diverse cooperatives and coop-savvy attorneys working in the fields of technology, food services, light industrial, retail and bio fuel. An educational workshop ideal for grassroots groups, community groups, faith based groups, schools, libraries, economic recovery projects and groups of individuals. Chapters/track list and ordering information here.  
Cooperatives are not for everyone, but for those who can embrace the Seven International Cooperative Principles, cooperatives are a proven and vibrant alternative to hierarchal, profit-over-people methods of doing business. The San Francisco Bay Area of California is home to many vibrant worker cooperatives and housing cooperatives, some over 44 years old, who manage to stay successful in one of the most difficult and expensive regions to do business in the world. Democracy in the workplace; Democracy in the living space.  

-Jai Jai Noire
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