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Our London style curries

Trial package "JaiJai Vegan"

2x Warming Chickpea Masala
2x Smooth Black Dal

Regular price 31,96€ Sale price

Trial package "JaiJai Chicken"

2x Creamy Chicken Tikka Masala
2x Punchy Chicken Chettinad

Regular price 35,96€ Sale price

Trial package "JaiJai Selection"

1 each of Creamy Chicken Tikka Masala, Warming Chickpea Masala, Smooth Black Dal, Punchy Chicken Chettinad

Regular price 33,96€ Sale price


At JaiJai we say YesYes to natural ingredients and NoNo to preservatives, flavour enhancers, meat substitutes or food colouring.

Premium Quality

We only use top quality ingredients. Our chicken comes exclusively from Belgium and France, our vegetables are of the highest quality and our spices only come from selected and classified manufacturers.

Sous vide

"Sous-vide" means vacuum packed and then slowly steamed over low heat. For even more nutrients, more aroma and more vocabulary.


Our dishes are piquant and flavourful, but not hot. However, if you like, you can spice it up with the added sachet of chilli powder. Curry novices are advised to google 12,000 Scoville beforehand.


Our dishes are ready on your plate in 5 minutes. Enjai!


We use particularly high-quality protein sources such as chickpeas and Beluga lentils. And our chicken dishes have a high meat content (100g/serving). Will you be full? Absolutely! Food coma? No!